2021 Summer Newsletter 

As we all continue to navigate these unprecedented times, I am exceptionally proud of our team.  From sales and applications to customer support to product development and high-quality manufacturing, our hard-working team of global experts provide unsurpassed products and service every day.  What is very clear, no matter the industry or customer challenge, our commitment is to help you, our customers, optimize and future-proof your business to achieve new performance benchmarks.  We lead with our innovation and our dedication to customer service.   Find out more about our brands www.process-insights.com.         
                  ~ Dr. Erika Coyne, Group President, Tiger Optics & Extrel CMS



The specialty gas industry relies on Tiger Optics’ analyzers for fast and reliable measurements in both process control and quality control.  Tiger’s CRDS analyzers have been widely used in a variety of specialty gas applications for many years because of their ease of use, fast response, accuracy, robustness, and freedom from calibration. Some highlights include:  

Corrosive Gases (HCl, Cl2, HBr)

The HALO Corrosion-Resistant (CR) model offers ppb-level detection of contaminants such as H2O and CO2.  The HALO product line combines absolute accuracy and proven reliability, with fast response in one compact and easy-to-use device.

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Pure CO2

Spark H2O in CO2 is perfect for food & beverage grade CO2 allowing detection limits down to 10 parts-per-billion; Semiconductor end-users have standardized on the HALO KA (H2O) and HALO OK (O2) for UHP CO2 monitoring down to parts-per-trillion levels.   


Bulk NH3

Ensure the H2O content in your NH3 with the HALO-LP and ALOHA+ H2O analyzers.  Tiger’s CRDS analyzers for H2O in NH3 provide industry-leading detection limits, ideal for specialty gas manufacturers, LED makers, Semiconductor fabs and more.


Rare Gases 
(He, Kr, Ne and Xe)

CRDS is a perfect choice for moisture measurement in rare gases due to speed of measurement and minimal flow rate requirements!  Get accurate measurements while conserving your precious sample gas.  Available options include Spark and HALO product lines.


Contact a Tiger Optics Sales Representative for more information about the variety of analytical products we offer for Specialty Gas applications

Protect Your Semiconductor Deposition Process

HALO QRP Low Pressure Moisture Analyzer

Modern semiconductor fabrication would not be possible without the advances in wafer production technologies such as low-temperature epitaxy, atomic layer deposition (ALD) or metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD).

Tiger’s HALO QRP moisture monitor is specifically designed to operate under vastly different pressure conditions, from 1 mbar all the way up to atmospheric pressure, accommodating process conditions of most epitaxy, ALD and MOCVD tools.

The ability to monitor residual moisture in real-time in the process chamber, wafer transfer chamber or load lock allows users unprecedented control over their process. 

Tool operators can act immediately when excess moisture presence is detected and stop wafers from being spoiled.

Looking for a solution to protect your Epi, ALD or MOCVD process?
Contact Tiger Optics today and ask about information on the HALO QRP.

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Spark CRDS
Analyzer Series

We are thrilled to introduce our NEW next generation Spark analyzer series!  Same great performance with some notable upgrades, including additional communication options and USB interface by popular demand.

Speed+ performance upgrade – intelligent dynamic data processing boosts analyzer’s speed of response by up to 5X while maintaining low noise performance! The cost-effective Spark/Spark Max series is available for detection of H2O, CH4, C2H2, CO and CO2. The Spark is ideal for applications like air separation process control and safety compliance, cylinder analysis, truck fill monitoring, medical oxygen, and many more.  

The Tiger Optics Spark series offers:
-   Cost-effective, real-time monitoring for H2O, CH4, C2H2, CO and CO2  
     in the low-ppb range
-    No field calibration or maintenance required for minimum operational cost 
-    Reliable 24/7 operation, perfect for unmanned plants 
-    Fast speed of response to accommodate rapid stream switching  

Looking for an easy-to-use, reliable, and high-performance solution for your process?    Interested how the Spark and other Tiger analyzers can help control air separation units?    Contact Us

Application Note:

Cost-Effective Purity Analysis in the
Cryogenic Air Separation Process


 Product Spotlight

Ultra Pure Water Analysis

The most reliable and safest on-line continuous process and wastewater TOC analysis products - ever!

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